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 St. Patrick's Day

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PostSubject: St. Patrick's Day    Sun 8 Aug 2010 - 2:50

 Happy St. Patrick’s Day

St. Patrick’s Day I a Roman Catholic feast day that honors St. Patrick (387-461AD), the Patron Saint of Ireland. Because of St. Patrick’s patronage, St. Patrick’s Day ( March 17th) has come to be closely associated with the Irish and the Irish culture.

- The Feast Day of March 17th has been observed in Ireland for hundreds or years.

- The date falls in the Fasting Season of Lent , but on St. Patrick’s Day the prohibitions to eating meat were lifted, and the Irish celebrate with their Patron Saint with dancing, drinking , and feasting on the traditional meal of Irish Bacon and Cabbage. Sub to Corned Beef by Irish immigrants to the US as it was a cheaper alternative to bacon.

- The traditional parade did not begin in Ireland but in America.
In 1848 several Irish Aid Societies in New York decided to combine to do one parade and this parade is the oldest and the largest civilian Parade.

- In Ireland it is traditional to wear a shamrock in one’s lapel or cap, children wear tri colored (green, white and orange) badges, girls green ribbons I their hair.

-Until the 1970’s Pub’s in Ireland were required to stay closed.

- Since 1995 the Irish Govt. decided to make St. Patrick’s Day a chance to showcase Ireland and Irish culture to the World.

- Most common traditions on St. Patrick’s Day include the wearing of Green, enjoying Irish folk music, and food and consuming large quantities of Irish Beer (sometimes dyed green) , Irish Whisky, Irish Coffee, or Bailey’s Irish Cream.

- In the USA its not St. Patrick’s Day unless the Chicago River is dyed Green.



“In a castle on a hill
A past of war and haunt
An ancient secret love
Kept hidden by the hands of the stable boy
A knight and a witch
Secrets and promises
Deep in the war torn walls
Some codes forgotten by time
Some codes forever engraved in the minds of the new
Stories and legends
Kept in the walls of that castle on a hill”

Nicholas Hartman
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PostSubject: Re: St. Patrick's Day    Sun 8 Aug 2010 - 12:59

More people seem to celebrate St Patricks day where I'm from, than St Georges!
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PostSubject: Re: St. Patrick's Day    Sun 8 Aug 2010 - 17:21

You have to also have a green beer!!!
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PostSubject: Re: St. Patrick's Day    

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St. Patrick's Day
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