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 mystical meaning of the 12 apostles

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laura ann

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PostSubject: mystical meaning of the 12 apostles   Sun 29 Aug 2010 - 5:38

I personally am of the belief that almost every part of the new testiment is correlated to spirituality and the chakras.
I believe a lot of scripture if translated correctly is about raising ones energy to enlightenment.

I guess it is middle easetern beleif somewhat but I also believe the Apostles did exist but are also written as correlations to the chakras and the body.

I was amazed when I found an article almost telling me what I had been thinking had been true or as least thought of by another besides me. Take for instance Peter is mentioned in the scriptures as being the Rock that Jesus built his church on. Well look below at Peter....analytical (thoughts)...Faith (beliefs).....Pineal....hmmmmmm visions, telepathy, lucid dreaming etc and the 6th chakra

Aa article about the mystical meaning of the 12 apostles

represents the 12 powers of man.
the 12 faculties of the mind that need to be spiritualized
and where located on the body.

Peter==analytical lower mind/ Faith/ located in pineal gland

Andrew==faith and enquiry/ strength/ small of the back

James ==Hope and progression/ judgement/ lower solar plexus
son of Zebedee

JOHN= love and philosophy/ love/ back of heart, cardiac

Philip===courage, forcefullness/ power/ root of tongue

Bartholomew==preserverance/ imagination/ between eyes

(nathanial )Thomas===intellectual truth seeking/ understanding/ front brain

Matthew== critical deliberation/ will/ center front brain

James == modesty and receptivness/ order/ navel
son of Alpheneus

Simon Zelotes==gentleness and attentiveness/ zeal/ lower head
the cannanite

Judas=== broadmindedness/ elimenation/ lower back
brother of

James the cannanite

Judas===prudence/ appropriation of life conservation/generative functions
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Your Country : United Kingdom

PostSubject: Re: mystical meaning of the 12 apostles   Sun 29 Aug 2010 - 9:50

I have never heard about this theory before.
Thats interesting!
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mystical meaning of the 12 apostles
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