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 apostle correlation to our bodies

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laura ann

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PostSubject: apostle correlation to our bodies   Mon 27 Sep 2010 - 22:48

The mystical meaning of the 12 apostles represents the 12 powers of man.
the 12 faculties of the mind that need to be spiritualized and where located on the body.

Peter==analytical lower mind/ Faith/ located in pineal gland

Andrew==faith and enquiry/ strength/ small of the back

James ==Hope and progression/ judgement/ lower solar plexus
son of Zebedee

JOHN= love and philosophy/ love/ back of heart, cardiac

Philip===courage, forcefullness/ power/ root of tongue

Bartholomew==preserverance/ imagination/ between eyes
(nathanial )

Thomas===intellectual truth seeking/ understanding/ front brain

Matthew== critical deliberation/ will/ center front brain

James == modesty and receptivness/ order/ navel
son of Alpheneus

Simon Zelotes==gentleness and attentiveness/ zeal/ lower head
the cannanite

Judas=== broadmindedness/ elimenation/ lower back

James the cannanite

Judas===prudence/ appropriation of life conservation/generative functions

another version of this is

Faith--Peter--center of brain.


Discrimination or Judgment--James, son of Zebedee--pit of stomach.

Love--John--back of heart.

Power--Philip--root of tongue.

Imagination--Bartholomew--between the eyes.

Understanding--Thomas--front brain.

Will--Matthew--center front brain.

Order--James, son of Alphaeus--navel.

Zeal--Simon the Cananaean--back head, medulla.

Renunciation or Elimination--Thaddaeus--abdominal region.

Life Conserver--Judas--generative function.

the above link is the entire book online to the twelve powers in man
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apostle correlation to our bodies
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