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laura ann

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PostSubject: OLD WIVES TALES   Sun 17 Oct 2010 - 21:45

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Old Wives Tales

What is it about old wives tales we as a society find so humerous? Is it the atrocity of their ideas,or more often their subject matter. We all have heard them over the years repeated in different variations and forms. Could they all be rediculous. What is the possibility that a great deal of them actually hold some truths. What about the possiility that many old wives tales aren't tales at all, but wisdom of the ages simply being passed down from generation to generation.

Surely we would not tell our precious children and grand children fallacies that might just warp their eager little minds. We would never cause them any inner mental or emotional harm,,,,would we,,,could we!!!

Have you ever actually walked under a ladder? Are you truly afraid of black cats or think of your future grave when you shiver. What is the possibility you may simply be cold or catching a cold instead. Do you have one of those horseshoes hanging over a doorway or on the wall somewhere? Are the tangs pointed up or down? Don't let your luck run out...mine are definaelty pointed upward. Can't hurt a thing but I am not taking any chances, playing life a little safer these days.

How many good luck charms do you have? A dream catcher perhaps in the window, a rabbits foot in you pocket on your key chain.Oh come on you know the one. You traded your favorite trinket or baseball card for it in the fifth grade to get that good luck furry little foot. You knew without a shadow of a doubt it would solve what ever problem was plagueing you at that time. Parental problems, the bully, getting to take that class trip. Are they even real bunny feet? That in itself is just too creepy to think about this day and time of save the animals and we are all One.

Do you shew away the red spotted lady bug or do you make a wish when you see her. And how exactly does one determine the sex of a lady bug. Do you get so excited when you see her you say ..Wooo Hooo....Good luck sign. All of these things right down to saving and drying that wishone from the thansgiving turkey are all forms of Old Wives Tales. I know you have done at least one or two or a bunch of them in your day.

Are these the original tales or ahve we expanded and embellished them over the years. Each generation adding a little more with each persons witt and or sadistic bits of humour or scary pooo poo, just for cause and effect. I have often wondered if way back, somewhere in time there was a little boy trying to make gooo gooo eyes at some little girl and to impress her with his talents he crossed his eyes. If you ahve ever tried to do this it is not an easy feat. Did he maybe do it and his eyes actually locked up like a rusty bolt in place. Hence the dont cross your eyes they may stay that way tale......This would make it fact not fiction. That opens another pandoras box of possibilities of what if each and every old Wives tale actually ahd a truth base to it. Even you have to admit that is kind of creepy and very scary to think about.

I actually have a friend of long standing that is terrified of birds in the house. She refuses to enter a house that has a bird for fear it will cause her to die. She is now over fifty and this feeling from a youthful tale has escalated to full blown panic attacka at just the thought. So see we really can warp our children withour to much effort.

If someone dropped your wedding ring right before your wedding would you call off your wedding? According to the tales it instantly emans the marriage is doomed. So with this thought in mind would you still consider entering a marriage that was doomed to fail or stop it and go elsewhere? We all know that the watched pot will not boil.I have checked that one out many a time and it is so very true. Is it really that we actually believe it so strongly that we cause the kinetics of it? look away for a few seconds. And that sucker boils every time. Do you eat carrots because of the beta-carotine in them or do you eat carrots because they are low fat and just simply tate good.

How often do you find yourself saying the silly things? Have you ever been walking down the street with some friends, maybe a ltitle tipsy too and started the rhyme....'Step on the crack, you break your mothers back". I bet not one of you can say you have not done that one.

I have determined insided of this eclectic insanity I call my mind that Old Wives Tales have some validity and some are simply just fun. One thing is for sure they normally cause no real harm to anyone. They are quite humerous and occasionally we have a freaky one scare the crappola out of us but generally they are harmless quotations.

I think I may just have to be one of the old fuddy duddies who decides to keep the tradition alive and well. I will continue to pass them along and down through my generations for years to come. Who knows I mayjustt help someone or have my hand in the warping of another young mind. A hundred years from now will it amtter anyway. That's if we still use brains then and we are not some giant computor screen with push buttons and speed dial...going bleeep bleeep bleep bleep bleep bleep bleep.

© L.L

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PostSubject: Re: OLD WIVES TALES   Mon 18 Oct 2010 - 0:09


Here is a list of them I have.

The Number 13

Most think that the number 13 runs to the Last Supper as 12 deciples and Jesus sat at that table

Adam and Eve were expelled from the Garden of Eden on the 13th . There were 12 witches plus

the Devil pressent at Satinic ceramonies.

In the days of witch hunts and witches coverns wer supposed to be of 13 members.

To it is wildly heald that a dinner party for 13 guest, one of them will die within the year.

Horse shoe

It is said to be lucky if found on the road and in Britan if its been cast off of a gray mare.

It it said to be lucky as a charm on a bracelet or necklace. Nailed over doorways to ward off evil
and is hung as a "U" shape so that the luck does not run out of it.


Salt is a powerful and magical substance. Its thought that spilling salt is both a bad and dangerous omen

If you spill salt it is said you must throw the spilt salt over your left shoulder into the eye of the evil that
follows you.

Four Leaf clover

It seems that the clover has its power in mystical connotations from the number 4 which
in numerology appears constantly as the symbol of balance, unity and conpleteness.

It is used for keeping off supernatural evil so adding the 4th leaf makes it even more

Walking under a laddar

This came form the early Christan beleif that a leaning ladder formed a triangle with the wall
and ground. You must never violate the Holy Trinity by walking through a triangle. Thus
you would be though to work with the Devil .

God Bless you (for a sneeze)

During the 6th century it was thought that with the sneeze one was expelling evil from their bodies
. Later when the great plaque that took hold of Europe people began sneezing violently it was thought
that person was soon to die. Since it was thought that person was soon to die the Pope passed a law
requiring that the sneezer be blessed.

Lady bug Lady Bug fly away home. Its bad luck to kill a lady bug becasue it represtents the
Virgin Mary

Touch wood

This one seems to go to folklore an Great God Pan, Hunter of the woods and forests.

Red an White flowers together

Flowers often serve as death omens. It is said expeially of ones blooming out of season.

It is said that if you take such an arrangement into a hospital it means death on the
ward. Too it is said to repesent (red) blood and (white) banages so thus blood on the bandages
in a hospital

White Lilac

The white lilac is often seen as a death omen.



“In a castle on a hill
A past of war and haunt
An ancient secret love
Kept hidden by the hands of the stable boy
A knight and a witch
Secrets and promises
Deep in the war torn walls
Some codes forgotten by time
Some codes forever engraved in the minds of the new
Stories and legends
Kept in the walls of that castle on a hill”

Nicholas Hartman
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