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Planet J

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PostSubject: Re: Hello!   Sat 3 Aug 2013 - 20:30

@Sparrow wrote:
Hey Gurl!! Good to have ya back!! 

Is that what happened to that place? Dang I tried to sign on there a few weeks ago and it brought me to some other site and I wondered what happened. Sad how they just shut the old place down. It's pretty much where I gots start on time paranormal/spiritual world. 

Well welcome back J!!

 so good to hear from you Liza! Yes..Birdie (Bill) posted saying that Jason had decided not to renew the board..but they did keep the 18+ one up and running. *rolls eyes*..the one place that will pick you to death for saying anything that they don't agree with! whatever.
A guy from the board sent me a link to a paranormal board that he is a MOD at..his name is (CDS I think?)..Chris. Its a really nice place..everybody is really openminded. although I did get cussed out my first week,for trying to help someone..the girl that cussed me was not even the poster of the thread. she got banned for it..but other than that it a cool place! the staff is really nice. I hope you are doing well,girlie!

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