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 Remembering 9 11

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PostSubject: Remembering 9 11    Sun 11 Sep 2011 - 2:51

September 11th 2011 – Ten Years Later

]Wow it’s hard to believe that 10 years have come to pass by. For some I am sure the memories feel as fresh at this time as they did that fateful day. Having worked with the living and the deceased from September 11th I know well the emotional toll that day did take.

Looking back to September 11th, I wanted to share the path that day took for me. I was a Mother of two, one a toddler and one a not yet a year old. The TV for the day was on Tree House, and there were “News Flashes” saying that the program might be interrupted (but out of respect it’s a child’s channel no details were shared”) so I knew and felt it was something BIG. I was home alone and living rural and isolated from others as me mate was in town so I was cut off really from what was going on in the World. That day neither child went down for a nap. No matter how hard I tried no nap. Bedtime finally came and off they went to sleep.

It was finally later in the evening I got them both to bed and I had time to view the TV News. I put on the News Channel and the first words I heard were “we do not know where Airforce One is at this time” and immediately I thought OMG the President of the United States has had harm come to him. The next image I saw was the plane going into the Tower. NO WORDS just the image. In all honestly when I learned it was a “Planned” event the thoughts were to how simple it was in nature and how truly sad it was as well. I remember seeing the rescue crews rushing in thinking there would be many to save….but I felt only great loss. I remember the thoughts of there are no mass survivors to rescue; no ER Room’s will be over run. A feeling of nothingness and almost eerie calm. It was 10 pm when I finally learned what most of the World already knew. Shortly after me mate came home and said did ye have the news on all day today….I was no….did not want the kids to see.

From there the work for me started. I would feel one’s seeking help and I went into working with Spirit and helping where I could there. I had no computer at that time so had no contact with it all up close. Til a call came to me, seeking some help, in understanding WHY he was still alive. He worked for a financial company and all his coworkers at a meeting perished. He missed his wake up call to be at the meeting. YET when he checked with the Hotel the call came to his room was received by him. YET he missed the meeting. To this day he still wonders on WHY he is here. Struggles with that some. It simply was not yet his time to go is all I feel.

The site of the Twin Towers has been well blessed and well cleared. Those whom passed there have moved on to their new home. Now that year 10 has come maybe we can start to truly move past the fear’s that surround it all.

What I would now like one's to add is their memory of how they came to hear of the events. How maybe one felt right off, or maybe how it might have touched ye on a more personal level.



“In a castle on a hill
A past of war and haunt
An ancient secret love
Kept hidden by the hands of the stable boy
A knight and a witch
Secrets and promises
Deep in the war torn walls
Some codes forgotten by time
Some codes forever engraved in the minds of the new
Stories and legends
Kept in the walls of that castle on a hill”

Nicholas Hartman

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Remembering 9 11
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