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PostSubject: Re: Site Rules   Thu 26 Aug 2010 - 22:36

@Helen wrote:
@Cauldron wrote:
read them and understand, but I do have a question (you know what I'm like!)
There was one site I was on where I got into a conversation with someone via Pm, then after a few messages he asked me if I had a site and I said sure would you like a link and got warned by one of the staff for doing this.

Would you say that was breaking the rules and even if asked you shouldn't give a link out in PM, or are you talking about people that mass pm others and say 'here's a link?'

Because i didn't actually think I was advertising just giving him what he had asked for

Great to see you hun,

Ok I have two views here.

I</FONT> think the main issue is mass PM - or even a few to a select group with no prior communication advertising your site is wrong.

I think if you have been conversing with someone and they ask you for your link, you can direct them to your profile, signature or if it is there the link forum - this would avoid the issue of being accused of advertising.

Hope this answers for you xx

I agree and as an admin myself I think mass pm'ing is little more than spamming, and also quite rude especially if a member already has an ad on the site that's just taking the wotsits, also members shouldn't be harassed in this way, perhaps us admins should stick together on this and invite members to report any such pms?

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PostSubject: Re: Site Rules   Thu 26 Aug 2010 - 22:41

Absolutley Violet - count me in for sure!

Elder and founder

Love, light and blessings hearts

There are NO coincidences in this life.......
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Site Rules
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