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 About Buddhism

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PostSubject: About Buddhism   Thu 7 Aug 2008 - 14:53

Given the association of Buddhism with the meditating monk, one might well assume that Buddhism emphasizes practices over beliefs. It is true that right practices are important in Buddhism, but the faith really centers on correct understanding of human nature and ultimate reality.

The Buddha, after all, was called the "Enlightened One." After he became enlightened, he taught that the way to eliminate suffering begins with understanding the true nature of the world. However, the Buddha considered knowledge important only insofar as it remains practical. He rejected speculation about such matters as God, the nature of the universe, and the afterlife, urging his followers to focus instead on the Four Noble Truths by which they can free themselves from suffering.

Basic Points of Buddhism
In the 2,500 years since the Buddha's enlightenment, Buddhism has spread over many countries, split into numerous sects, and adopted a wide variety of beliefs, practices, rituals and customs. However, an essential unity centered around the teachings of the Buddha underlies these differences.
Is Buddhism Atheistic?
As seen in the Basic Points of Buddhism, one general doctrine agreed upon by Buddhists is: "We do not believe that this world is created and ruled by a God." However, disbelief in a creator God does not mean that Buddhism is atheistic.
Buddhas and Deities
In Mahayana Buddhism, the universe is populated with celestial buddhas, bodhisattvas, and deities that assist and inspire the Buddhist practitioner. Among the most popular are Kuan Yin, the Medicine Buddha, the Laughing Buddha and the Green and White Taras. These and other fascinating figures are explored in this section.
Human Nature
In Hinduism, the soul, or atman, is an eternally existing spiritual substance or being and the abiding self that moves from one body to the next at rebirth. The Buddha rejected this concept.
Purpose of Life
In Buddhism, the purpose of life is to end suffering. The Buddha taught that humans suffer because we continually strive after things that do not give lasting happiness.

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PostSubject: Re: About Buddhism   Sat 29 May 2010 - 9:03

that is great Wendy!

do you also know about the Lotus sutra - perhaps the dominant sutra or teaching or philosophy of Budhha that is being followed today.....
Lotus sutra was preached by the Budhha during the last 8 years of his life.....

You said that the Budhha rejected the concept of the soul being eternally existing spiritual substance............ what did Budhha believe in then? I would love to know more about it... Grateful if you could throw some light on it!

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About Buddhism
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